Why Us

When it comes to experience, professionalism and quality healthcare market research, TKW Health works with you to develop and evolve your objectives through strategic insight and relevant products that deliver real world results.

Through our numerous offerings and services, we provide you the data that enables healthcare and life sciences companies to achieve their outcomes. Our dedicated, experienced and professional healthcare division has more than 25 years of experience in working with and interviewing medical professionals and patients alike.

We use the latest technology to collect high quality, in depth data for market research and stakeholder consultation. This gives our research partners the most efficient, engaging and responsible access to respondents.

Our Difference

  • Australia & NZ largest HCP Database – We have a panel size of over 80,000 medically accredited professionals including: GPs, Specialists, Surgeons, nurses, pharmacists, dentists, veterinarians, hospital administrators, paramedics, podiatrists, lab/imaging technicians and directors, practice managers, medical receptionists, procurement officers, hospital CEOs and directors, dietitians, osteopaths, chiropractors and many more.
  • Patient Database – The respondents on our patient database are enthusiastic and have been specifically included to complement our professional panel. We carefully screen all respondents to ensure we can provide the best response rates and quality data, regardless of methodology.
  • Cutting Edge – We’re always updating our offerings into new technologies including Immuno-oncology (IO) and digiceuticals
  • All methodologies – Surveys, In Depth Interviews, Focus Groups, PRF Studies, Online Discussions/Forums, Product Testing and more.
  • Qualitative Research – Our qualitative research uncovers the underlying truth to help explain why people behave the way they do. Tried and tested techniques go hand in hand with the creative and the experimental; we work with you to ensure you get the results you need.
  • Quantitative research – We provide you access to the largest medical database where Client lists can be matched and recruited. We have the expertise to combine traditional statistical techniques with innovative tools and personal experience to provide you with every option creative and traditional to ensure you get the results you require.
  • Service & Support – We are the largest fully independent data fieldwork analysis agency in Australia with the flexibility and knowledge in all methodologies to ensure your project is tailored specifically to achieve your expected outcomes.
  • Data Analysis – We can offer full quantitative (data files, tables, coding, reports, etc.) and qualitative (audio recordings,transcripts, content analysis and more) solutions within the healthcare space
  • Fully accredited – We are members of AMSRS, AMSRO, ESOMAR, with full ISO25252 accreditation.

Our Goals

Our Reach

With offices in Melbourne and Sydney and also in Auckland, New Zealand, we have the capability to conduct fieldwork throughout all of Australia and New Zealand – metropolitan, regional and rural / remote areas. This all-inclusive reach ensures projects are truly representative in terms of the respondents that we recruit to participate in our studies.

Our Goal

Our goal is to be Australia and New Zealand’s most respected field data collection company. When it comes to skill, professionalism and quality, TKW Health works with you to develop and evolve your objectives through strategic insight and relevant products that deliver actionable results.

On all campaigns, we remain completely transparent with regular reports & analysis keeping you in touch with and in control of every aspect of the project.

Our Objective

TKW Health plays two fundamental roles when commissioned to facilitate a project:

1) To take the project and run it from start to finish. To remove all stress and headache of the daily dealings that can be associated with fieldwork. We will advise of any disruptions and offer solutions and options.

2) To ensure our clients receive data in a meaningful manner upon which decisions can be made that add value to their client relationships as well as to their internal colleagues and all stakeholders.