Patients are looking for more than just optimal healthcare – they’re looking for an optimal experience. Utilising our VOP software and expertise, we can deliver a more targeted and exceptional Patient Experience. 

How can we do this? Through our SaaS solution: Watermelon.

We can:

  • Capture patient feedback (NPS) via mobile, email, text, IVR and social media
  • Use reporting features and customised dashboards to understand traffic, segmentation and demographics about patients
  • Grasp a 360-degree understanding of your patients
  • Utilise NPS to gauge happiness and likelihood of re-engaging

It’s your patient, but their voice. And that’s the voice we want to capture for you. In real-time. Clearly. With total accuracy.



TKW Health Partners with Watermelon To Deliver Best-In-Class
VoC Solutions

Helping your patients is paramount. Through our Patient Experience system we can act quickly to understand and address potential patient concerns. Further, for all the tech and marketing staff in your organisation, automation is taken care of!

By setting up goals and funnels we can easily engage with your patients to understand their entire journey and life cycle. 

Watermelon are the specialists in understanding your patients’ voice and offer real-time, highly responsive Voice of Patient platforms not available elsewhere in the market.

Their solutions make it possible for world-class brands to take effective loyalty-building actions, based on a deep and rapid understanding of the voice of their patients.
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When it comes to VOP, nothing beats being able to hear what your patients have to say in real time. We give you the tools you need to identify and take action on all opportunities. Capture feedback and opinions, drive business and referrals and ultimately, generate a more complete and fulfilling experience for your patients.

We work together to explore what your dashboard needs to deliver one based on your business needs. It can combine not only real-time VOP data but also data from secondary sources and/or social media data.

Additionally, Watermelon and TKW Health hold privacy and compliance to the highest standard. Think we can help? Don’t hesitate – simply click the button below or give us a call on 1300 87 89 55.

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