We Reach the Audience You Need – Provide us the specs and we’ll do the rest!

Our healthcare leadership team has many years of medical market research experience and a deep understanding of the special needs of the medical community – we’re able to recognise the difficulties involved in getting hold of the right doctor or specialist and how to present sensitive topics well.
We have been able to prove time and again an ability to obtain the right answers to the important questions.

With our expertise in all methods of qualitative and quantitative research, we’ll work with you through every part of the research process and upon completion, we’ll analyse the data and put together a comprehensive report of the findings. Whether we’re conducting online surveys, face-to-face or general patient studies, you’ll receive actionable intelligence to make real-world business decisions.

Our vast healthcare experience is backed by our extensive databases of both medical professionals and patient groups,
putting you in touch with the right people for your study
. We regularly work with companies across the globe that need access to the
Australian and New Zealand markets.

We understand the importance of reaching the right people to get the results you’re looking for, and we’re constantly expanding and renewing
our databases to ensure they’re kept up to date so you get the results you need. We are able to recruit samples from your own lists, our own panels, social media and advertising and are able to fully organise all required elements, including
expert moderators, venues, interviewers, products, diaries and incentives.

When recruiting for quantitative fieldwork, we can script questionnaires, provide data processing and data visualisation.
Throughout fieldwork, we are able to handle individual components of the project or, should you require it, the whole process.